Objects available to the Shopify theme files

Basically, a Shopify object stores data related to a specific part of the e-commerce experience on a Shopify store. As you may imagine, this covers a wide range of data (information of the URL of a page, a customer, a product, a collection, the content of the cart…).

One major capability that Liquid has over HTML is the ability to use objects. There are 2 types of objects that Shopify gives access to in the theme files:

  1. The global objects, i.e. the objects that are available in every theme files.
  2. The “local” objects, i.e. the objects that are only available in specific theme files.

You can see all available objects in a well-designed page called the Shopify Cheat Sheet, available right there: https://www.shopify.com/partners/shopify-cheat-sheet.

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