Theme Kit: a tool for Shopify theme development

1 | What is it for?

Theme Kit is a command-line tool that lets Shopify store owners:

  • Download the Shopify theme(s) installed on their store, host them on their own computer or on a cloud IDE and automatically push any modifications directly back to their store.
  • Create a new theme simultaneously on their own computer or cloud IDE and also on their store.

2 | What do you need to make it work?

  1. Download the Theme Kit tool.
  2. Create at least 1 Private App in your store to obtain an API password. If you do not have any Private App yet on your store, you can create one called, for example, Theme manager or Theme kit.

3 | The commands to install Theme Kit

# Install Theme Kit on Linux
$ curl -s | sudo python

# Install Theme Kit on macOS
$ brew tap shopify/shopify
$ brew install themekit

# Install Theme Kit on Windows with Chocolatey
$ choco install themekit

4 | The commands to use Theme Kit

# Get the list of all themes of a Shopify store
$ theme get --list -p=[your-api-password] -s=[]

# To download a specific theme from a store
$ theme get -p=[your-api-password] -s=[] -t=[your-theme-id]

# To monitor changes made in the local-hosted files and automatically upload them in the Shopify store
$ theme watch

# To create a new theme locally and on a Shopify store
$ theme new --password=[your-api-password] --store=[] --name=[theme name]

To retrieve your theme-id, go to Online Store -> Themes -> Customize. Your theme-id is the number located in the URL, between "themes/" and "/editor".

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